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Welcome to 555 Timer Circuits          

555 Timer is a worldwide famous IC, it is a small chip that has 8 leads. Its versatility, stability, accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness makes it a very useful & favorite chip of many peoples related to electronics filed. It is one of the most sold IC of the world, also a great IC to learn electronics if you are a starter or hobbyist and also the best one if you want to use it in your small or big electronic projects. This 555 timer circuits site is built with the mission in mind to help professionals, students & hobbyiest related to the electronics field. All the circuits found here are deisgned by our team and as a visitor of our site you are free to use these 555 timer circuits in your projects.

We Frequently add new 555 timer circuits, so do not forget to come back often. Thankyou.
555 Timer Circuits
Here is the list of circuits that are built using 555 timer IC. You can build them on breadboard or veroboard as desired.

More projects comming soon... please do not forget to come back again. Thankyou.